Welcome to the updated ClockDoc website. We hope you like our new features.  The site has been significantly upgraded in the last few months:

  • New simpler folder structure and index page
  • Search engine now searches all general and maker-specific documents
  • Maker-specific documents now in maker folders
  • Unknown maker clocks revised
  • New style headers for some folders with more external links to YouTube and websites (for example see Synchronome, English Clock Systems, Self Winding, No Key, Eureka, Lowne, and Siemens)
  • Over 400 patents added
  • Hundreds of documents added in the last 6 months
  • More clock animations, and more being added
  • Now over 20000 images from over 350 makers, and still growing

Thanks to all our users who send us material, notably John Hubert, Geoff Horner,  J Alan Bloore, Richard Hatch,  Nick Maag, Michel Viredaz, David Read, Frank Dunkel, Augustí Tantdetemps and Ted Bosschieter and to The Clockworks, London for support.

Despite the recent great expansion, ClockDoc remains a not-for-profit enterprise run by collectors for collectors and has NO advertisements and NO cookies.

Eddy Odell and Jan van Harten

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