26.02.2022 End of an era.


Saturday 26th February 2022. Today I sold my collection of 30 Telavox clocks to a gentleman from Holland. He intends to start his own website on Telavox and share information on the maker.

 After 16 years of research and collecting examples I will no longer be updating this blog. Though I shall not be closing it.

 I will have to try and the find time to download the blog’s contents for sharing with ClockDoc. A dedicated website. Housing a vast amount of knowledge and imagery on electric clocks, their history and their almost countless makers. 

 Thank you, to those few, who commented on the Telavox blog. Or shared images of their Telavox clocks and their private collections for inclusion here. Even now, in the time of the Global Internet and freely shared knowledge, the Telavox clock still remains a rare find. 

 150,000 Telavox clocks were made. Starting with the Nazi invasion of Denmark in WW2. A ban on production forced the well established radio and loudspeaker maker into finding alternative employment for his skilled workforce. The adaptation of the radio construction materials and furniture quality finishes were ideal. For producing a range of highly individual and uniquely decorative clocks. 

The Telavox Bakelite drum clock [above] was the first I found in an antique market in Denmark.


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