4.09.2021 Telavox on eBay.


A Telavox clock/timer is listed on eBay. In a pretty square dial case:

I have never found a Telavox clock/timer on my travels.

 Unusual Vintage Denmark Telavox Mantel Clock Rare | eBay




  1. And? Did you win the clock?

  2. No, I didn't bid. The complications of international postage plus import charges plus Post Office customs clearance charges plus 25% VAT on top of everything [since Brexit] would have made it uneconomical at any price.

  3. I am trying to contact you, the email address provided does not seem to work.
    I have a Telavox clock to include in the database

  4. Hi, I am so sorry to have missed your comments.

    There has been so little interest in my Telavox blog that I stopped updating or even visiting it.

    I have now put my collection of 40-odd Telavox clocks on sale on the Danish DBA small ads website.



  5. Hy Chris, i have sent you a message on the DBA board. I'm interested in buying your collection.



  6. Sorry Wim. Another Wim has bought my collection and taken it back to Holland.


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