A Clementa Wall Dial

Here are some images of a chrome-plated steel, Clementa wall dial. Though the case has been converted to a cheap quartz movement it shows all the signs of having once had a Telavox type of movement. The correctly placed screw holes and 4.5 Volt battery retainer are all present. The Clementa label shows 38020S. A far higher number than any of my other Telavox clock movements. I like the crisp dial. What a shame the butcher who converted this dial to a cheap quartz movement was too lazy to adpat the original Telavox hands. (not a difficult task). The plain hands are much inferior to the Telavox hands but are easier to read in poor light.

Note: I can now confirm that this clock should have a Telavox type of movement as a Danish visitor to the blog contacted me to say he has exactly the same clock in his shop.

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  1. I have a similiar clock, and number is 36966 – I have try with new batteri, but it won´t go any more.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Karsten

    I'm sorry I missed your comment until today.

    Turn the hands carefully forwards then pause on each hour and half hour to let the clock strike fully until it stops striking by itself. Let it strike repeatedly until that the hour hand has travelled completely around the dial three times. (36 hours of striking) As the striking motor runs it rewinds a little spring which makes the clock go.


  3. hi , I have clock like this with Telavox 41475S mark and 4.5V battery input.
    Any idea of the value:


  4. Hi Cyril

    Sorry I missed your comment until now.

    I have given up on this blog due to lack of public interest. Despite the effort I have put into collecting, translation, writing and research the visitor numbers are far too low to warrant further activity.

    I do not offer valuations because this will vary enormously from country to country. IT will also depend on the design, quality and condition of the clock itself.


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