A much-travelled Telavox

I was recently contacted by the owner of a Telavox. The clock had attracted their attention while they were on holiday in Denmark. So they bought it despite the problems of having to carry it about until they flew home. Bringing a ticking and striking clock onto a plane might have been difficult in these times of heightened security.

The owner kindly removed the backboard from the case to photograph the movement and note its number for my Telavox database. In doing so they discovered a datestamp inside the clock. Until I was informed of this datestamp I had never noticed such a thing in any of my own clocks. It seems that not all Telavox clocks are datestamped. The datestamp in the image seems to show 13.5(?).45. Which matches the likely age of the clock rather well. The very low case number on the label underneath the clock matches nicely too.

This clock retains its original dial glass unlike my own example which is in much poorer condition.

Now I shall have to try using a torch and mirror on my collection to see if I’ve missed a datestamp.

PS. When I checked my own clocks I found only one clearly date stamped: 1 Oct 1949. This is very disappointing since it doesn’t help to date other Telavox clocks very accurately.

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