A synchronous Clementa

I have found a mains driven Clementa in rather poor condition. The brasswork is corroded and the hardwood surround is stained. Believe it or not the entire dial is laminated and turned hardwood. Sadly, it must have been stored somewhere damp.

 The dial with solid brass Roman numerals. There is rather a lot of staining to the hardwood surround suggesting rain may have collected there.

The dial without the hardwood centre and motor.

 The mains synchronous motor is concealed within the protective can. The motor is typically non-self starting. This avoided confusion over the correct time if there should ever be be an interruption to the mains power supply. Had the clock restarted the owner would have been completely unaware that the clock showed the wrong time. When these clocks were new they would probably be the only reliable form of timekeeping in the house. A fine pull-cord passes into the can to start the motor. A hand setting knob is also provided in the side of the can.

 This heavy Bakelite case never saw a Telavox torsion pendulum movement. Though this is the same case as used on the Telavox drum clocks. Perhaps it was a matter of economy to use up existing Bakelite cases? These Bakelite cases were very early in Telavox production history. (around 1942)

 The typical Telavox-style, steel backplate closing the rear of the Bakelite case. Note the obscuring cloth typical of Telavox clocks.Since it has never been perforated at the centre one can assume that no hand setting knob was ever used with this particular case.

The back of the turned wooden dial. Turned from solid hardwood laminated from separate pieces glued together. This must have been rather a costly exercise. The perforated decorative brass rim and cloth covered backplate suggests sound should be allowed to escape freely. Yet no striking mechanism is present.

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