Another Australian exile.

Graeme Power, an Australian torsion pendulum clock collector, has kindly supplied some images of a unique and very attractive, Telavox clock which he has acquired. The movement strikes on a small bell with a beautiful tone.

The painted dial is very clear, crisp and tasteful with decorative, swag spandrels reminiscent of Art Nouveaux. The delicately drawn hands are similar to those on my own, much taller, rectangular, Telavox, wall hanging clock. The woodwork is of the typical high quality seen in all Telavox cases. The reeded bass might be thought to represent a tree trunk.

The serial number suggests a manufacturing date of the late 1940s based on the few dated examples known to me.

The backboard shows no sign of having been wall hung. Some examples of Telavox mantle clock may have been intended for the dual purpose of standing or hanging from a wall. Or may even have been wall hung by the owners. I wonder about the purpose of the holes in the corners of the door. Could these have been intended as fixing points for wall hanging?

The movement has lost its rating nut and lower suspension spring clamp. A search is on for originals if they can be found. Please get in touch if you can help.

I consider this is one of the prettiest Telavox clocks I have ever seen. I wonder how many other case and dial designs were made to fit the torsion pendulum movement by Telavox over the years? The designers seem to have produced a truly remarkable variety of case and dial styles. The Danes are renowned for their design skills in furniture and decorative objects. Producing many classical and highly collectable pieces.

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