Case styles galore!.


Telavox produced a whole range of case styles over the years. Here, the solid wood base is nicely reeded to add a touch of extra quality. Note the small, decoratively-carved, wooden brackets at the junction between foot and dial. I am calling this case style “Art Deco”. The dial also has black Roman numerals printed onto lacquered brass. The hands are absolutely typical black finished Telavox.

Here is a much more sombre version of the same style. Now the instantly recognisable Telavox chapter ring is black with the lacquered brass of the Arabic numerals showing through where they catch the light. It is much easier to read the dial than it first appears. The needs of photography forced a slanting viewpoint with a dark reflection from a large black cloth in the background behind the camera. The hands are now brass finished rather than the more usual black.

Now we have a Telavox clock with gently curved shoulders. It has some slight damage to the veneer. Brass chapter ring with black Roman numerals similar to the first clock illustrated above. Black hands with a black Telavox signature on the dial. The signature remains unchanged on all Telavox clocks I have seen. The name is most probably related to their much earlier radio production.

 The alter-ego of the same round shouldered case style. Now with dark chapter ring, Arabic numerals and strikingly different wood veneer. The hawk-eyed amongst you who left-clicked on these last two images (and no doubt others) will note the lack of dusting before the photography took place!

Click on any image for an enlargement.

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