A database of all Telavox and Clementa clocks which I have been able to examine, own myself, or have had the information forwarded to me by owners.

Not all clock details are always available. I sometimes find cases I am unwilling to buy at the asking price with a Quartz movement fitted.  Qrtz in the list simply means that a cheap, modern, quartz, battery driven, plastic replacement movement has been fitted to the clock in place of the original torsion pendulum movement.

Then there are clocks in poor condition which are ludicrously overpriced for the Danish market. I was once offered a number of bare Telavox movements by one dealer. He expected double the price for each movement I normally pay for a complete Telavox clock in fine condition! Tempting as it might be to have spare movements for empty cases I was hardly going to pay his silly prices. I was then accused, in a shop full of people, of being too poor to afford them! Unfortunately for him this particular fool is not so easily parted from his money.  Particularly for bare movements of unknown history.

Formatting of the database is a bit of a nightmare but will hopefully improve over time. (Try reloading the page if the list appears untidy) On one computer which I tried the movement number and striking were folded over to a new line. On other computers there is only one line per clock. Both my home computers show the details of only one clock per line without overlap. Your mileage may vary.

The order I have chosen to use is based entirely on case number. All Telavox clocks have a small, metal, numbered label attached. (usually out of sight underneath but sometimes on the back of the case) The visible (rear) clock movement plate always has another number hot-impressed into the fibre. One sharp-sighted owner pointed out that there are sometimes very small numbers and letters engraved on the back plate too. Though this is not commonplace and may be limited to a specific period of manufacture. Or even a specific clock.

The very few dated Telavox clocks found so far have what appears to be a common rubber datestamp marking inside the wooden case. I have shown these dates in bold type in the list to make them easy to find. These dates may help to aid (very rough) dating of your own Telavox clocks. Try matching the nearest case number or movement number to a dated example.

If you wish to have your own Telavox or Clementa clock details added to this list please email me at chris.b (at) *Note the new email address* The old one was recently deleted when I changed accounts with my ISP. Please feel free to write in English or Danish. My written Danish is not very good but I understand written Danish well enough.

No information will ever be published which can possibly trace the owner of a clock. In fact I make no record of owner’s details. Not even their email address. So once an email falls automatically off the bottom of my email folder (as it fills up) I cannot contact any clock owner even by their email address.

All information on Telavox clocks is of great value to help to expand the database. If you can find a datestamp internally then please include this with your clock details. Images of all Telavox or Clementa clocks are always very welcome. Any size of image attachment to an email is acceptable. I can’t promise to use any image here unless the clock is particularly interesting. Though images do ensure there is no doubt as to case and dial style.

A bold number followed by an “a” in the following list means information was forwarded from a Telavox owner in response to my online appeal. (e.g. 5a) See email contact address above.

Abbreviations: Non S = Non Striking. HG= Number of Hammers and Gongs.

Dial details below are numeral style first, then colour, followed by chapter ring colour.

Case No.—-Dial———-Case type——-Movt. No.Strike

1–1578S—-Blk on Gold—-Bakelite drum—-S01132—–Bell

2–1743s—–Gold on Blk—Bakelite drum—-S01189——-Bell

3–2885s—-Gold/blk——–Bakelite drum—-S07622——-Bell

4a-3264s —Gold/black—–Bakelite drum————————

5–3302—–Gold/blk——-Bakelite drum—–S12603——-Bell

6a–4324–Silver chapter ring– small square wooden case———

7–4352 S—Gold/Blk——-Narrow curved foot–S00642—4HG

8a-4511S—Gld Rom.Blk—Narrow curved foot————–Qrtz

9–4548S –Gld.Rom Blk—Narrow curved foot—S01432—3HG

10a-4797—Gilt picture frame————————————– 

11–4818—–Silver chapter ring–early square—-00562 –Non Striking

12–548S—-Blk Rom. gold–narrow curved foot….S01432— 3HG

13a-5040—Silv. chapt. Early square—S34956— 13.5.45 —Bell

14a-5604S—Blk/Gold—-Narrow curved foot–S03188—–3HG

15a-6374S–Arabic/Gold—Narrow curved foot–S13401—-3HG

16–7780—-Gold/Blk——V. wide sq. foot——S 26948—–Bell

17-8427S—Gold/Black–Art deco –S 09363–1 Jan 1948—Bell

18a-8797S–Gold/Black–Art Deco- S10645–24May 1948–Bell

19-9562S—Blk/Gold——-Art deco carved foot

20a-10801S-Gold/Blk-Narrw-Sq ft-S65085-19 DEC 1947 3HG

21-111615—Gold /Blk—–Narrow sq. foot—-S 07932—–3HG

22-12994 S–Cream/Blk—-Narrow sq. foot—-S 15724—–3HG

23-12997 S—Cream/Blk–Narrow sq. foot——S 15670—-3HG

24-13178 S—————-Very wide round toe

25-13978 S—Black/Gold–V. wide round toe—S 06767

26-14226 S—————-V. wide round toe

27-14288 S—————-V. wide round toe

28-14716S—-Blk Rom—V.Wide rnd toe-S08363-4HG

29-15085 S—Black/Gold–V. wide round toe–S 08423

30a-16051S——?——-Bakelite drum— 15953— bell.

31-16662 Qtz. Gold/Blk—-Narrow square foot–Quartz

32-18058 S—————-Narrow curved foot

33-18456—Silvered arched dial & case-10335-14 SEP 1945

34-19173s–Blk/Gold-Nrw curved foot-S 18780-2 FEB 1949

35a-20020–Blk/Gold—–Narrow square foot—S15067

36a-20479S-Blk/Crm–Nrw Sq Ft.-S16210-3H/G 28 OKT 1948

37a-20531–Blk/Gold—M/W Box in USA-10747– 22/8/1945

38-22430—Gold/Black—Narrow sq. ft.- Mains movement.

39-22575S—————–Very wide round toe

40a- 23596—brass—Very wide square toe–10 Aug 1945

41–23750– Very wide, sqr toe——Qrtz.– 6 Sept 1945

– 24138S– S 15365— Pretty mantle clock bell strike

43a–24612-Blk/Gld—V.wide stepped sq.–13345-Non/S

44a-24987S Decorative-Pretty mantleeBayS20340-bell

45-25009S—White/blk-Wall, tall rectangular–S 1699-Bell

46-25739——————Very wide square foot—–Bell

47-28474S—————–Medium wide tall

48-28655S—————- Painted Blue/Red———–4HG

49-28680S——Medium wide & tall–24227—-4HG

50a-29547S—–Medium wide & tall–S27625–4 HG

51a– 29922 —–Chromed wall dial
52-32831S—————Clementa Hinged bezel—-Qrtz

53–37134S-Clementa-Chrome Wall Dial-37134- Non-S.

54–38020S–Clementa–Chrome Plated Wall Dial—Qrtz

55-45094 S(?)-Medium wide, tall- S29957-20 DEC 1951

By sheer coincidence, No1 on the list was the very first Telavox clock I ever found. The dial bezel was already damaged and the brass work seemed to have been attacked by salty air or possibly a corrosive atmosphere. Rather sad, considering it is the oldest Telavox clock in my modest collection and first ignited my interest in Telavox as a clock manufacturer. This clock came from a coastal town with a prevailing, onshore wind. So that may be the reason for the dilapidation of its exposed metalwork. Perhaps it had been left in an open or unprotected situation?

The last clock on the list has a very high serial number indeed but has a Telavox case rather than the expected Clementa. Yet the movement number is earlier than the one remaining Clementa with an original movement.

It is a shame that the dated clocks are so relatively few. There are also some obvious anomalies where the date doesn’t quite seem to match the serial numbers. If anyone has any real clues as to the reason for such occasional date stamping I’d be delighted to hear about it.

The small, but growing, number of clocks in the database is hardly representative of the many thousands actually manufactured. Though the list must be fairly indicative of the evolution of case style and numbering, over time, though surprises do crop up now and then.


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