History and Contributors

ClockDoc – History and contributors

ClockDoc is currently managed by Eddy Odell (UK) and Jan van Harten (Netherlands) with a group of ‘Friends of ClockDoc’, a group of collectors from Europe and the US.  The site had a major technical update in 2020 with significant changes in the underlying technology, reorganization and addition of much new material



The site was founded around 2010 by Jan van Harten, Gijs Veraart, James Kelly, and Fons Dehing. as a reference site for collectors.  In the early years most images were of clocks in the collections of a few European collectors.  Over the years the number of contributors has increased and our thanks are due to many collectors worldwide, particularly the following (in no special order):  

Michel Viredaz, James Kelly, David Read , Frank Dunkel, Nick Maag, Agustí Tantdetemps, John Hubert, Ted Bosschieter, Gijs Veraart, Peter Smith from Horologix, Rick Thomes, Pierhead Publications, and Barrie Smith.

John Hubert, Geoff Horner,  J Alan Bloore, Richard Hatch,  and Fons Dehing have all provided header files for the 2020 update and we are looking for more header file authors.  Thank you all.



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