Telavox Database Appeal

I am building a database of information concerning Telavox clocks and the later Clementas.

If anyone has a Telavox clock of any type (in any condition) please forward some details to the (new) email address below.

private (at) (note the spelling)

(Remove the spaces and use the usual @ symbol for “at”)

Please forward the following information:

The Telavox case number (on attached metal label) and the movement number impressed into the movement plate.

Whether the clock strikes on a bell or gongs. (and how many hammers and gongs) Or if it is a non-striking movement. This all helps to build a history of Telavox clocks in the database below.

If you can find a date stamped anywhere on, or usually inside, the clock it would be very helpful to aid dating many more Telavox clocks. Some date stamps are even found in the battery compartment.

Please include information on dial type, colour of dial, whether Arabic or Roman numerals and hand style if non-standard.

An image attachment (of any size) to confirm case and dial type would be very useful, if possible. No image will ever be published without your express consent and I will always hide personal details.

Provided the clock is recognisable all Telavox images are useful. Even those taken with a mobile phone or webcam still shot. Lots of light helps to get a good picture so try photographing your clock near a large window or even out of doors. Sometimes an overcast sky is better than bright sunlight. Please don’t drop your clock or damage it trying to get a good picture! Please be very careful when handling your clock or carrying it about. I cannot accept responsibility for any damage however caused.

Naturally your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. No information will ever be published which could connect you in any way to your own Telavox clock or clocks. Ownership will NOT and never will be part of the database. In fact I keep no record of ownership at all. Not even your email address. 

Any size of Telavox image is perfectly acceptable. There is no need to compress or resize images before you attach them unless you wish to do so for your own purposes.

Naturally the details of your Telavox clock (even without an image) are also perfectly acceptable. Some descriptive guide to case style would of course be useful. There may be a similar example illustrated within this blog to help guide you in describing the case.

The database will be published here and can then be constantly updated as new information arrives.

Thankyou for your interest in sharing information on Telavox clocks.

Please note: I’m sorry, but I cannot offer valuations of Telavox clocks. Prices vary so widely depending on vendor, model, age, style, condition, originality, dial and desirability that it is quite impossible to give even a rough valuation. No clock is ever worth more than a buyer will pay for it. Even the cost of international postage can exceed the value of some clocks so eBay may not be the goldmine you hoped for.

Nor can I offer advice in repairing non-working Telavox clocks. A local qualified clock repairer may be able to advise. Please don’t let them fit a cheap quartz replacement movement just because they don’t understand the unique design of a Telavox clock! Your clock may simply require a new 4.5Volt battery. These batteries are not so readily available as previously. I find flea-markets sometimes stock them.

Allowing the clock to strike several times rewinds a Telavox clock. Just advance the hands slowly past the hour and half hour. Then pause and allow the clock to strike fully each time before continuing on to the next striking point. It really is as simple as that.


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