Telavoxes on eBay Oct ´09


Two fine Telavox clocks are on eBay at the moment from a German vendor.

Items numbers are 360196742799 and 360196742824 if you are interested. Copy and paste the numbers into the international eBay website. eBay seems to ignore saved searches for national versions of their auction services. Nor does it like fullstops at the end of item numbers.

These tall images, borrowed from their respective eBay auctions, are incredibly difficult to organise in Blogspot so I recommend you just click on them to see the original sizes. Back-click to return to this blog.

The clock case style on the left is new to me though there are very similar clocks with half round sides and similar, solid chapter rings. This item seems to have been converted to mains power so don’t expect a true Telavox movement inside!

The clock on the right is the more familiar “very wide, round toe” of my own case style terminology. My thanks go, yet again, to Graeme Power of Australia for bringing these to my attention.

Good luck with your bidding! If you should win please forward the case and movement numbers to me so they may be added to the Telavox database. Please also check for internal date stamps.

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