Thank You

Since the start-up of ClockDoc in 2012 an immense amount of material has been contributed by collectors world-wide. By now ClockDoc has over 15,000 photos and documents related to electric clocks and this number is growing steadily. The list of electric clock makers in ClockDoc counts to over 400. Who would have thought that there would be so many; when we started with this site we thought it might be 50…..

Great contributions by collectors world-wide
Initially the material came from our own collections. Later on there were large contributions from collectors world-wide. In arbitrary sequence: Michel Viredaz – the electric clock slave collection and many other photos and documentation, James Kelly – great supporter of the ClockDoc initiative and contributor of thousands of photo’s, David Read – articles on Thomas Mercer and Paul Garnier, Eddy Odell – great contributions of a.o. early clocks (like Ritchie), Frank Dunkel – clock restoration reports of various electric clocks and many photos from his own collection, Nick Maag – digitized documentation on the Swiss Magneta,  Agustí Tantdetemps – high quality photos of interesting electric and electronic clocks. John Hubert – contributed a huge amount of documentation material with his excellent “Notes collated on…..”, great overview documentation on the majority of  British  electric clock makers. Ted Bosschieter – contributes his unique animations of electric clocks (CD available from him). Gijs Veraart – many high quality photos out of his vast photo collection, also checking and re-organizing the on-line material, does much photographing .

We were also lucky to get permission from Pierhead Publications to use the material of the well-known Barrie Smith site (now off-line). Barrie inspired us to start with ClockDoc. Almost all of Barrie Smith’s text material and several of his photos were taken up on our site. Thank you all.


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