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Here is an unusual Telavox clock. The Model 5060.

The dial, case and glass are all quite unlike the usual designs from this manufacturer. One might think from the serial number that this was a later clock yet it shows all the hallmarks of an early one. A lavish case with a simple going movement? No strike on bells or gongs? More than one of these clocks must exist because there is an illustration of this clock in a popular British clock collectors book.

Here is a rear view showing the going movement in close-up. Comparison with the other images shows a bright red coil on the right in place of the electric strike/rewind motor. The torsion pendulum can be seen with its suspension spring passing right through the movement.

All Telavox clocks were supplied with a shaped piece of card to support the torsion pendulum balance when the clock was being moved around. Despite the absence of a single example of this piece of card not one of my clocks has suffered obvious damage to the pendulum, movement or suspension spring. Some cases show obvious mishandling since they were no longer in daily use yet all movements have survived unscathed. This would suggest that these clocks were remarkably robust in use.

The card says in Old Danish: Security for the suspension spring. Remove before setting the clock going. Replace (under the balance) every time the clock is to be moved.

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  1. Very interesting blogg on Telavox clocks but it does not help me in my search for a replacement suspension spring. I have a Telavox mantel clock with a broken suspension spring. Serial number S 16378. Can anyone help me find a supplier? I have a photograph of the spring with all measurements noted. My location is Stavanger, Norway.

    Bill Tiley

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